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November 27, 2011



Picking your Spots and Having Patience for it to Surface


The State of Nevada has made it very clear that it will not tolerate improper foreclosures by making it a felony to not follow foreclosure procedure. This is simply a good thing. Removing someone from their home is a very serious business and has deep emotional and social implications. Until recently, foreclosures were being handled […]

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Perhaps an Aggravating Thread Should Not Be Pulled


I have always said that if you torture a number long enough, it will say whatever you want it to say. I believe that is the case with a recent study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. The study claims that foreclosed upon properties that are vacant have a lesser negative impact than […]

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November 25, 2011


Foreclosures, Mortgages

More On The Role of Servicing Agents


Okay, I have made a couple of comments in this blog with regard to the actions of servicing agents and their role in the housing crisis. And now I have more to rail about. As part of the realignment of Fannie and Freddie and their foreclosure policies, the FHFA has directed the two thieving behemoths […]

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