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The World Turns On, But Inventory Does Not


CoreLogic is a company that tracks all kinds of trends. They take a slice of recent history and the economic factors within it and do cool calculations that slice and dice information used by pundits and prognosticators – and sometimes speculators. Data is only as good as its interpretation.  What is even more important is […]

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The Worm Turns


Whatever you have heard about the death of The American Dream is absolutely erroneous. Well, as long as you aren’t American. Huh?  Yeah, the foreclosure inventory in highly desired areas is being bought up by foreign investors. And hey, it’s not all that bad. The President did tell Joe The Plumber that he thought that […]

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The Obtusely Obvious Advice of the NYT


So the new breaking news from the NYT is that 79% of the mortgages that were closed in 2011 were refinances. That would make sense, wouldn’t it?  I mean, there is very little selling and the economy is on life support so how else could there have been originations? Not to mention the fact that […]

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Pop Goes the Real


It seems that Brazilian real estate is blowing up just like US real estate did in 2007. Yeah, just like a bubble, right? You see, since a large cache of oil was found off shore in Brazilian waters and China has an insatiable appetite for Brazilian commodities, the economy in brazil is booming. So let […]

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Perhaps an Aggravating Thread Should Not Be Pulled


I have always said that if you torture a number long enough, it will say whatever you want it to say. I believe that is the case with a recent study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. The study claims that foreclosed upon properties that are vacant have a lesser negative impact than […]

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If Only Lombardi Were in Charge of the Mortgage Crisis


I love Vince Lombardi quotes. One of my favorites is: “There are three kinds of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and then there are those poor individuals who stand around and wonder what happened”. Whenever I read the NYT, I am reminded that the writers and editors of the […]

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Barclays Optimistic About Housing


There is one investment company that is optimistic about housing – Barclays Bank. Apparently Barclays does not believe that the shadow inventory (that inventory lurking on lender balance sheets) will not have as large an effect as expected by other analysts.  Yeah, right. I wrote an article recently using Apple IPads as an example.  Look […]

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When Nobody Else Will Do, Shoot the Messenger


“And I don’t mind, being your whippin’ boy. I’ve had that pleasure…for years and years….”  – John Mellencamp Crumbling Down – Uh-Huh 1983 It seems that homeowners and buyers can’t seem to accept the reality check when it comes to home values. Especially when it comes down to closing a deal.  And their chief target […]

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Today’s Forecast – Mostly Light!


People writing about the mortgage industry today sound a lot like George Carlin’s Hippy Dippy Weather Man. “Today’s forecast is light! Continued mostly light all day, followed by widely scattered darkness in the evening”. According to the latest report from the Mortgage Bankers association.  It goes something like this: “Today’s forecast for the mortgage industry […]

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Measure Your Local Economic Recovery – On Your Own


A new survey from MacroMarkets said that even though the housing market as a whole will not see any gains in the next five years, some areas are doing well and will continue to do so. This is not much of a surprise because these same areas have been doing well for ages. The areas […]

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