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Every Crisis Presents Opportunity, You Just Have to Be Careful About the Opportunist


For every crisis there is opportunity.  During world WWII, one of the great cons ever was counterfeit ration cards. Today, there is a big opportunity to con desperate people with regard to their mortgage. Companies such as these approach unknowing homeowners promising “foreclosure rescue” and “securitization audits” as well as other mortgage modification schemes. There […]

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A Case of Hypocracy


As part of the negotiations in the robo-signing scandals, HUD is demanding that bankers use principal reduction in order to modify the mortgages of underwater mortgage holders. Those bad, bad bankers should be taught a lesson, right? They should be forced into remedies on defaulted upon contracts that clearly spell out the remedies agreed to, […]

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Challenging Tax Assessments


There may be some benefit to the housing crisis and that would be the reduction of your property taxes if you have suffered with home depreciation. Think of it in terms of getting a current time value on the future value of your equity. Time value is one of the main factors that affect interest […]

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Barclays Optimistic About Housing


There is one investment company that is optimistic about housing – Barclays Bank. Apparently Barclays does not believe that the shadow inventory (that inventory lurking on lender balance sheets) will not have as large an effect as expected by other analysts.  Yeah, right. I wrote an article recently using Apple IPads as an example.  Look […]

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November 15, 2011



And Now for a Lesson on How to Not Be Hustled


Have you ever bought a “collector’s edition” of a great movie that supposedly had “previously unseen clips” that are part of the “director’s cut”? Me too. I stopped buying them long ago after realizing that the “never before seen” is usually unseen for a very good reason. These types of promotion are well messaged marketing […]

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Agents Learning New Skill Sets


I have always said that the key to maintaining relevance and being viable in a market is the ability to adapt and learn new skill sets. Lately, real estate agents are becoming quite adept at assisting in the clearance of non performing mortgages. Part of those skill sets are learning all of the facets of […]

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A Case Study in Being Royally Screwed


It would seem that not everyone is too big to fail. Appraiser Loft, an AMC (appraisal management company) shut its doors on October 10th after months of speculation and rumor that they could not pay the appraisers on time. And there is no relief in sight for the appraisers that are owed. The assets of […]

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November 5, 2011


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You Can’t Get a Good Call When You Need One


If you are a football fan, you cannot stand it when a referee starts to over officiate a game. If you are not a football fan, and you don’t’ know what I am talking about, sorry about that. I am not going to waste a bunch of time explaining a sports term to you who […]

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November 4, 2011



Understanding Loss


As the class warfare rhetoric continues to reverberates across the United States, it would do well to put things into perspective. It’s just that sometimes it is very difficult to do – especially when one cannot relate to the dollars involved. Take for instance celebrity homes and luxury homes compared to middle class and upper […]

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Strategic Defaults are the Next Big Shoe to Drop


Some people are actually beginning to wake up and realize that the stress of attempting to hold on to their homes is simply not necessary. Especially when the properties are underwater and they are trapped because they cannot qualify for a modification of their home.  They are walking away in what is referred to as […]

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