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November 5, 2011


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You Can’t Get a Good Call When You Need One


If you are a football fan, you cannot stand it when a referee starts to over officiate a game. If you are not a football fan, and you don’t’ know what I am talking about, sorry about that. I am not going to waste a bunch of time explaining a sports term to you who […]

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Today’s Forecast – Mostly Light!


People writing about the mortgage industry today sound a lot like George Carlin’s Hippy Dippy Weather Man. “Today’s forecast is light! Continued mostly light all day, followed by widely scattered darkness in the evening”. According to the latest report from the Mortgage Bankers association.  It goes something like this: “Today’s forecast for the mortgage industry […]

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Strategic Defaults are the Next Big Shoe to Drop


Some people are actually beginning to wake up and realize that the stress of attempting to hold on to their homes is simply not necessary. Especially when the properties are underwater and they are trapped because they cannot qualify for a modification of their home.  They are walking away in what is referred to as […]

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Senators Push for Mortgage Solution


Sixteen Senators solicited a certain sitting supervisor for a swift solution for the simmering US residency stew. Say that fast three times, I dare you! In the lead of the beseechers were Senators Boxer and Isakson, who actually did introduce a bill a while back that had some pretty good ideas. In it was the […]

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November 1, 2011


Miscellaneous, Mortgages

Prosecuting Immorality? Who Wants to Cast the First Stone?


There are a lot of people who would see prosecution and punishment of those engaging in immoral or unethical behavior. You can always find the voice of hypocrisy in the throng of those who suffer. All too often throughout history, those who have engaged in the spoils of economic pantophagy, decry the inevitable barrenness that […]

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No Principle Reductions from Fannie Mae


After All, When You Have No Principles, Can You Really Spare It? Michael Williams, CEO of Fannie Mae recently told housing wire that Fannie does not engage in principal reduction. He stated that their toolset included interest reductions, term and then forbearance of principal.  But not principal forgiveness. Unfortunately, the writer did not have the […]

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Lazarus Come Forth!

Sansepolcro- Christ-the-Lord-risen

It seems that Wells Fargo is capable of good will, even if it is motivated by embarrassment. In a recent report in the Chicago Tribune, David Lazarus reported that he had to personally intervene in a foreclosure situation for a couple that was doing everything possible to work out their mortgage and stay in their […]

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October 30, 2011



Keep Your Eye on the Pea


Have you ever seen that shell game they always have in movies. You know, the guy takes bets from the crowd and all you have to do is guess which walnut shell is covering the pea. You get a lot of misdirection and razzle dazzle. Eventually, you realize that the pea is being palmed and […]

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The Iceberg Loometh


Remember my recent analogy about the situation with Apple?  Well, I can’t help but pat myself on the back for such an incredible selection of arbitrary numbers. I said that certain events would take place if apple were to make a mistake and put 10 million IPADS into the general market in a short period […]

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Choose Your Chiseler

right decision wrong decision

Have you taken a look at HAMP and the Dodd / Frank Emergency Homeowner Loan Program? If you like a great slapstick, tragic comedy, comb their short histories. If you really like a tragic love story, watch the Obama Administration as it tries to sell another stimulus and jobs bill to Americans during this election […]

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