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Challenging Tax Assessments


There may be some benefit to the housing crisis and that would be the reduction of your property taxes if you have suffered with home depreciation. Think of it in terms of getting a current time value on the future value of your equity. Time value is one of the main factors that affect interest […]

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A Case Study in Being Royally Screwed


It would seem that not everyone is too big to fail. Appraiser Loft, an AMC (appraisal management company) shut its doors on October 10th after months of speculation and rumor that they could not pay the appraisers on time. And there is no relief in sight for the appraisers that are owed. The assets of […]

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When Nobody Else Will Do, Shoot the Messenger


“And I don’t mind, being your whippin’ boy. I’ve had that pleasure…for years and years….”  – John Mellencamp Crumbling Down – Uh-Huh 1983 It seems that homeowners and buyers can’t seem to accept the reality check when it comes to home values. Especially when it comes down to closing a deal.  And their chief target […]

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The NYT Funnies


I love the New York Times section on real estate! It’s like watching a writer adjust font sizes to get an upper case letter. In their latest effort, NYT offers us the obvious “tips” of creating value in our home like, uh…getting a cleaning service to come in and give it a good once over. […]

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Permissum Caveo Pendo (Let the Buyer Beware the Appraisal)

buyer beware

In today’s real estate market, there has been a great deal of puzzlement, if not backlash in how property values are measured.  It is to be expected. Different levels in a single company operate under different parameters with different objectives. Your appraiser may be attempting to get every red cent of value he can out […]

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Parting with the Crown Jewels

house value reality

Do you consider yourself an objective individual?  Has your ever tested your personal conviction? If you are a home owner and would like to take the test, I dare you to put your home on the market for what you think it is worth. I can assure you that you are in for a rude […]

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Irregular Regulations on Appraisers


New appraisal regulations have gone into effect, requiring appraisers to use more standardized methods for appraising home values. Appraisers often use surrounding homes to assist in the process of establishing the value of homes but now will have to use the new standardized measures which mandate additional information from appraisers. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac […]

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Fighting a Low Appraisal? Don’t Do It.


General George S. Patton said that there are three kinds of people: 1. Those who make things happen. 2. Those who watch things happen. 3. Those who wonder what happened. Steve Cook, who is a writer for UPI and covers the economic watch beat, is one of the third variety. Recently, Steve cooked up a […]

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Facing The Wrong Problem


Standardization sounds like a great idea.  In specific environments, when there is a uniform output, it is absolutely sound.  However, you cannot grow Pinot Noir grapes in the same environment as corn, can you? Well, this is what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are attempting to do with new regulations.  Essentially, Fannie and Freddie are […]

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A Look at the Potential Correlation Between Anxiety and Datasets


Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are now requiring appraisers to submit electronic appraisal forms and this information will reside within a database run by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Now before you go off half cocked and scream “BIG BROTHER”, I want to let you know that this is a good thing.  You see, everyone […]

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