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Sometimes a Short Sale Pays


Many lenders are beginning to realize that it makes far more sense to allow a Shortsale and even to pay for one. One case of such a payment occurred to an Illinois homeowner who fell on hard times. Chase gave him a $20K for his troubles. This makes sense as a straight foreclosure will generally […]

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November 16, 2011


Mortgages, Short Sales

Why Not? Because a Price Tag Makes Too Much Sense


Congresswoman Susan Davis from San Diego recently introduced a bill into congress that requires trust deed holders to provide homeowners who attempting a short sale the “drop dead” price acceptable for approval. Finally, I am witness to a bill that needs no compromise discussions and should not really be subject to a debate. After all, […]

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Agents Learning New Skill Sets


I have always said that the key to maintaining relevance and being viable in a market is the ability to adapt and learn new skill sets. Lately, real estate agents are becoming quite adept at assisting in the clearance of non performing mortgages. Part of those skill sets are learning all of the facets of […]

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