Every Crisis Presents Opportunity, You Just Have to Be Careful About the Opportunist

November 19, 2011

Loan Modifications, Miscellaneous

For every crisis there is opportunity.  During world WWII, one of the great cons ever was counterfeit ration cards.

Today, there is a big opportunity to con desperate people with regard to their mortgage.

Companies such as these approach unknowing homeowners promising “foreclosure rescue” and “securitization audits” as well as other mortgage modification schemes.

There are thousands of pro-bono counselors available to the general public who help with such situations.

If you are called by a company who is offering you assistance with you mortgage and they are out of state, just hang up.

What is rather comedic is that an auto dialed telemarketing call (you know, those ones that interrupt your dinner) was made to the US Attorney General’s Office and fielded by a staff member.

The call was one of those mentioned here, attempting to rope an unknowing consumer into one of these cons.

The call prompted the office to issue a statement of warning to home owners everywhere that they should be very careful as what kind of deal they should enter.

Make sure you are very careful indeed.

Caviat Emptor…

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