Getting the Green by Going with Green

October 17, 2011

Green Construction

If you were not aware, there is a new kind of mortgage called a energy improvement mortgage (EIM) that will allow you to have green improvements done after the sale.

Here is how it works.  If you are going to purchase a home or property which requires improvements, tell your regular lender you want to apply for an energy-improvement mortgage that would be connected to, for instance, your FHA-insured loan.

Then, you’ll need to have the home “rated” by a trained professional, generally called an energy rater. You can be sure that once your rater is finished, you are going to be presented with a long list of improvement recommendations.

It is now your responsibility to contact contractors and get some bids for the work to be done.  This last part will be done after you close escrow.

Now suppose your recommendations are going to cost you about $5000, these recommendations are submitted into your loan package for escrow. Now, once escrow closes, you will take those bids mentioned above and select the best one.

You will then submit your final improvement expenses to escrow who will pay your contractor directly for the completed work (your home will be inspected first to insure the worked is actually completed).

The best thing about an EIM is that you can stretch your income to loan ratios due to the fact that you re going to be saving money on energy charges.

It’s not a bad deal if you are into going green and it would seem that as long as President Obama is in office, EIM’s will be highly encouraged for award to borrowers.

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Here’s the original article…Market ripe for green loans

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  1. Fords & Chevys Says:

    Energy conservation is going to have a demonstrable positive long-term effect on our nation’s economy.