Laziness Knows No Bounds

November 24, 2011

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I have thought it through carefully and drawn my conclusion.

Economies that are highly based on services are a reflection of a highly developed sense of laziness of its people.

Case in point?

Two new services that are seemingly cool yet incredibly revealing of the laziness of people.

They are Real Time Quotes and Build Fax.

Real Time Quotes allows you to anonymously get quotes from different lenders over the internet while not providing them any personal information.

Something that you could get daily after investing 30 minutes in a newsfeed setup for your Google account. Build Fax is a little different and offers some kind of value, but not by much.

Build Fax is like car fax, which provides you the history on cars and tells you if the car you are about to buy was ever totaled, who owned it, etc.

Build Fax allows potential homeowners to determine if the improvements done to the home they intend to buy were performed to code or under permit. I really care about this? Okay, I do. Especially when it comes to electrical and gas lines.

But am I willing to pay $89.95 for three months of unlimited use for a service I can get for a $15 administration fee from the city? Nope.

You see, if you know anything at all about permits and such, you realize that for three months of service, you might just pay $15 to pull the permits on that ONE home on which you making a offer.

Do you really need to pull the permits on every house you saw while on your realtors caravan? Not really.

I’ll Pass…

Appraisal Source is a New York based residential real estate appraisal firm. Their highly-qualified appraisal staff of New York City and Long Island real estate appraisers provide independent residential real estate appraisals for a variety of purposes.

Here’s the original article…Bill would encourage foreigners to buy U.S. homes

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