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November 20, 2011


Well, I must apologize.  I am sorry that I said the NYT Real Estate section was the dumbest newspaper feature I had ever consistently read.

I shall correct myself and state for the record that the NYT Home & Garden section is just as dumbly written as the Real Estate section.  So there you have it.

Newsflash!  If your bathroom gives you the creeps or for that matter, your friends would rather eliminate their innards at a local ARCO, you may want to consider remodeling if you are planning on selling your home.

No, really.  This is what they have come up with to write.






To make matters worse, they go on to say that perhaps you won’t get your money back out of your renovation if you spend more than $25K.  Really?

Let me give you a tip.  I have done a great deal of renovating and you can renovate any bathroom to look outstanding by following this simple check list:

Kohler Toilet – $100

New dual fixtures – $200

Ceramic or stone tile $1000

Dual sinks – 500.00

Paint – $100

Tile or Faux Marble counter tops – $1500

Vanity lighting for make-up – $300

Tub – $300

Total Price $4000

Never listening to the NYT again?  PRICELESS!

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Here’s the original article…Is it worth renovating my bathroom before I try to sell my apartment?

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