Solar Power – Less Expensive?

November 2, 2011

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Excluding Solyndra, solar seems to be gaining traction as an alternative to traditional energy.

There are wide claims that a home that is solar equipped can save as much as $2700 per year after 10 years.

This is interesting because the claim that was made (Market Watch) does not include annual maintenance fees or the cost of repair when a solar panel is damaged.

This is sort of like the California Bullet Train Study, but that is another article.

Also excluded was whether or not the $2700 was for a 100% off-grid home, or a home that was partially off-grid.

There is a massive difference and in fact, very few homes can be taken completely off-grid.  Another omission – the expected life of a panel.

How can anyone possibly calculate the break-even point of the purchase without understanding the life expectancy of the product?  You simply cannot do it with any confidence.

Finally, the average family stays in a home approximately seven years.  So, based on Market Watch assertions, you will be purchasing a solar system that will benefit the people to whom you sell your property, right?

They will be the ones recognizing the benefits of your endeavor.  Does any of this make any sense at all?  Not to me.

So is solar less expensive?  Your guess is as good as mine…

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Here’s the original article…Running your home on sunshine is cheaper

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