Nassau County Property Tax Grievance

2014 Nassau County Tax Grievance Info:

Town of Hempstead, Town of North Hempstead, and the Town of Oyster Bay

Your property assessment is the basis of your property taxes.

If you live in the township of Hempstead, North Hempstead or Oyster Bay, your property's assessment is set by Nassau County, rather than by the township in which you live.

As such, if you live in Nassau County and you want to file a grievance about your property's assessed value, you must file your grievance with the "Assessment Review Commission" or "ARC."

The following statements were excerpted from the Nassau County Government website:

"ARC is an independent agency, separate from the Nassau County Department of Assessment. We are responsible for annually reviewing all applications for correction of assessment filed in Nassau County."

"Our mission at ARC is to review the valuation set by the Department of Assessment and to reduce the assessment if the valuation is excessive. Over the past seven years, ARC has corrected assessments on over 200,000 residential properties and on over 22,500 commercial properties. These corrections have resulted in substantial savings to you, the taxpayer."

To Get a Property Tax Reduction - If you are filing a tax grievance yourself, an independent certified appraisal report is the best proof you can provide along with your grievance paperwork.

How to File a Tax Grievance in Nassau County

Nassau County Website: new_sess=1

Assessment Review Commission Phone Number: (516) 571-2391

Grievance Filing Period for 2014: January 1, 2014 - March 1, 2014

Target Value Date: January 1, 2014

*The target value date is the date as of which you must determine what your property is worth. According to the office of the assessment review commission, in Nassau County you must provide evidence of what your property is worth as of January 1st, 2014.

5 Things You Need to Know About Tax Grievance

5 Things You Need to Know About Tax Grievance

1) The 2014 deadlines for filing a tax grievance on Long Island are:

Nassau deadline is March 1st

Suffolk deadline is May 20th

2) Your property taxes cannot be raised as a result of you filing a grievance.

3) Your property must be owner-occupied to be eligible.

4) If you're about to purchase a home, you can file a grievance as soon as your new home is under contract.

5) If you are filing a tax grievance on your own, submitting an official appraisal along with your grievance will
     give you the best chance of getting a property tax reduction.