2018 Property Tax Grievance in Smithtown

How to Grieve Your Property Taxes in Smithtown

1) Find 'Form RP-524' online - the official tax grievance form used for Suffolk County; download and print it.

2) Fill out the form.

3) Get a certified real estate appraisal of your home (optional, but strongly recommended).

4) Submit your completed grievance form and appraisal report to your Town before the deadline of May 15th, 2018.

*Provided for informational purposes only. Confirm grievance procedure and requirements with your local Township.

Grieving Your Property Taxes Yourself is Easy


Don't Give Away Half of Your Annual Savings to a Tax Grievance Company

If you think you're overassessed and want to do something about it, you can either...

a) hire a tax grievance company to work on your behalf and pay them at least 50% of what they save you, or

b) file the grievance yourself and keep every penny of your property tax savings.

Tough decision, right? Not really.

Get the Same Advantage of the Tax Grievance Pro's - An Official Appraisal

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The Secret of How Professional Tax Grievance Companies Win

You might think that tax grievance companies have some special knowledge or some insider connections
that give them a better chance of winning your grievance than if you did it yourself.

But that couldn't be further from the truth. They fill out the same paperwork as you and submit it to the
Town in exactly the same way as you would.

Their one and only secret weapon? They submit an official real estate appraisal report along with the
grievance form, that's it - that's the only advantage they have over you.

An appraisal only costs a few hundred dollars, so why give them half of your savings, which is likely to be
many times the cost of an appraisal that you can get for yourself?

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